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August 4, 2012

March 13, 2010

february 14, 2010

december 9, 2009

The Narada Michael Walden Foundation Annual Holiday Jam Dance Party benefiting the Narada Michael Walden Foundation & the Children of Performing Stars of Marin

Producer and Musical Director Narada Michael Walden Featuring Jeanie Tracy, Dale "Satchmo" Powers, Tevin Campbell, The Narada Michael Walden Band, Tony Lindsay from The Santana Band, Lydia Pense from Cold Blood,The Santa Babies and more!

$50.00 Concert Only, $100.00 Reception and Concert
Buy tickets or by calling 415.383.9600
142 Throckmorton Theatre
Mill Valley, CA.

december 7, 2009

My hit, "Cha Cha Heels" was recently featured on "So You Think You Can Dance"! It was so Amazing. My new song Turn it Out is now featured on the Abercombie and Fitch website! A&B Milan...check it out!

august 18 , 2009

My boy Sting and I took some time to hang out before the "Let The Sunshine In" foundation concert!

June 1, 2009

To all of my family who helped and participated in the Let the Sunshine In Concert I want you to know I am extremely pleased with each and everyone of you. The light shone so brightly, we will never be the same again. It is because of your hearts openness, willingness, soulfulness, and hard work that God has blessed all of us. (We were a 300 person cast, the biggest event I have ever put on in my, you rattled your jewelry).

Jeanie Tracy, our Queen of the Bay Area with “Didn't it Rain”, brought all the emotions to the fore. We love and adore you!

And to all involved, we shot for the moon, got the moon and then some! We want to inspire all music on the earth and the children who love the music. Play your hearts out.

Aloha & Love to you,
Brother Narada

march 30, 2009

november 24 , 2008

November 22, 2008

October 22, 2008

August 19, 2008

Hi everyone!

It's that time again to pull out the stops in New Orleans again...I most defintely am looking forward to it! I looove the New Orleans crowd. Chuck Robinson and Kirk Lee make sure that we're taken care of. They spare no expense in keeping us happy and comfortable. This is my fourth year performing and every year it get's larger and larger. This year Performances will be by Carlos Saenz, Thea Austin, Deb Cox, Kimberly Locke and myself.

Also will be performing at the Headress ball in Orlando. Martha Wash and I are gearing up for the Sylvester Tribute Show to be held in San Francisco. Included in this show will be Karel (talk show radio host), Thea Austin of SNAP! fame and the original Sylvester band! This event will be held Novemeber 7, 2008. More details will be coming later.

The Thanksgiving show with Club Papi will be held in Puerto Vallarta I'll be celebrating my birthday with Troy Bronstein of Tbest we have done so many years until our schedules went mad...but we still always celebrate at some point even if it's during Christmas.

I will also be doing band gigs with Narada when time permit's.

Okay Kids...stay good and until next time....Keep it real!!

july 31, 2008

june 18, 2008

Well BOSTON, you really know how to throw it totally down. This was your first time having a vocal Diva and I am touched by your performance and warmth towards me. DJ Escape you are the complete BOMB... you turned that Mother Out!!!! And a cutie too. I had a blast and would love to come back and Party with you.

Jamie Awod you know you are completely crazy... I had a blast with you and FLAVA and Lori. San Jose turned it out for me... thank you darlin' for again having me at one of your Events. You know I love you.

Johnny Chilsom you know my feelings for you and your wonderful staff! Once again you've had me at your Disney World Event... Mighty Weekend... it was da bomb and off the parcheesy big time! You are always so fabulous to come up to my room and hang with me, take me out to dinner and just so warm to me through all these years of our friendship. Thank you for introducing me to comedienne Monique. I love you baby!!! Love you too Sy. Muah!!

You're next Hallandale....Comin at ya!

Just joined Narada's Band Temple of Soul and we just did our first photo session last week at his studio. There is at least a gazzilion people in the! It is mostly comprised of people that have worked with him over the years. Everyone was there - the Rhythm Session, the horns and singers...everybody. I will travel with him when time permits for me... so that makes it really cool.

This week I will be doing a duet with Narada called SEXY is off the chain...a kind of Tribal R & B song. So honored to do this with that Man!!!

Get ready for the Sistah Shakti, Pepper Mache and my song GOD'S TRYIN TO TELL YOU SOMETHING. The CD is about to blast off. We did the video recently and was soo much fun and the photo session was great. And I'll post pictures as soon as I get them.

Have an awesome week!

JUNE 12, 2008

Well kids it's been a minute since I've talked to you but here goes...

I've been a busy lady these past few weeks and grateful to God for all of it. He has certainly shown favor in my life. I want to thank all of my fans for hanging in there with me. I love all of you are why I sing! Thanks to Parliament-house, Darcel you're a doll baby for always spending time with me. Larry Cowden you've always supported my music.

Big Ups to all of you 20,500 people that plugged in on YouTube to watch our "Everybody Up" video. Evan Cowden and Paul Brewer, you rock. Speaking of Evan and Paul... Pepper Mashay and I just finished the video for "God's Trying to Tell You Something" with Sister Shakti. I heard it's amazing!!! Evan is a jewel to work that Baby Boy.

Now let's Busy talking about the Mighty Weekend Party at Orlando Disney...yes let's. Well you know the party was off the stupid chain - need I shout it out... Johnny Chisolm has done it again! Johnny has been a long time friend of over fifteen years. It's been so long that even he nor I can remember exactly how long. Thank God that he loves his divas and has supported our music over the years...thank you darlin! Well, Mr. Johnny took excellent care of us along with Andrew Briskin who made sure that I was alright and had everything I needed. I met JP Calderon from Janice Dickerson's reality show and Debbie Holiday who has a new song out and my girl Monique whom I adore. She gave me the biggest and longest hug as if we were long lost friends... love that girl! Even shared that she, her husband and her best friend Rodney, love my music. I was donnnnnnnne!!!! Got lot's of pictures. I love it when the stars are genuinely wonderful. It's so easy to be nice to your fans. So Celebrities... DO IT!!!

I was on a plane with Chaka Kahn and her whole band... I was seated right behind her and we chatted; remembering when we worked together twenty years ago on the Sylvester Tribute at the CATCH ONE Club in Los Angeles. Whoooooo!!!!

Sorry this is a long one. I've been trying to catch up with all of you and let you know what's going on.I'm doing a session today with my friend Narada Michael Walden on his TEMPLE OF SOUL BAND CD. I'm stoked because he has asked me to do a duet with him on the cd called "Sexy Summer" and I'm a member of the band and will be touring with the band when I'm available. It's a cool thang. I love my Narada. Most recently we spent the morning together for his birthday breakfast with my good friend Larry Batiste, his Mom (Miss Peg) and three close friends of his. It was in San Raphael California at his favorite place... so lovely. I gave him and orange and yellow fur hat that is so funkyyyyyy... he wore it all day. He loooooves hats... and I always give him fabulous headpieces!!!!

Until next time darlings... Cheers and Sushi!

may 10 , 2008

Hi my darlings... The white Party was truly off the chain and I had a FANTASTIC TIME. Kevin Stea the choreagrapher, the principle dancer with MADONNA did a production around my songs. He had fabulous dancers surround me and make me look fabulous. I came out with four boys with glow chains around their necks on all fours on the floor......Ooooh my lord was much more than I could take!!! AWESOME KEVIN!!! The EVERYBODY UP PARTY in Hallandale Florida (July 3rd) is going to hire Kevin to do their staging also. As well as BSE SHOW in New Orleans for Decadence Weekend.

Get ready P-House in Orlando...we'll see you in a few weeks........Love you Darcel and Brianna. Tim Flueger I love you too....have loved you for years. Thank you all for your continued support.

Pepper MaShay and I are doing the video for the song GOD TRYING TO TELL YOU by Sister Shakti and backing vocals by Pepper and I. Production by Bobdproductions and Sweet Feet Music.

I will be in brazil (RIO) next month with my ALTAR boys next month. Can't wait!!!!

Until next time Peace, Love and Light!!!!

April 23, 2008


Well I woke up this morning to a call from my good friend and Brother Larry Batiste of La sugar bear Entertainment and MD for the Grammies....he was taking Narada out for a Birthday breakfast this morn and wanted me to come...of course I said YES!!!! Well it ended up with three of Naradas close friends and his Mom , Ms Peg, myself and Larry. it was sooo very wonderful, so intimate, with all of us telling stories. Thank you Narada , you know I love you deeply. Narada sent out five hundred emails this birthday for everyone to donate any birthday money gift's for him to his longtime friend and chef Anton's family because he passed away at 40 years old and left behind seven young children. I had the chance to meet him at one of Narada's parties and he was so special. Peace to his Family in this hard time of bereavement and God bless you Narada for giving back to his family.

Today was soooo special ...but you and I go way back and so we've had many special times together.

March 20, 2008

Hola kids! It's Alegria time at the world Famous ALEGRIA this weekend for Black party and Abel's Birthday Party....Lot's of Music Celebs will be there including Ms Aimee manager of Tony Moran and Altar and others. Victor Lee from Tommy Boy will be friends Matty and Michael and others.

Been doing a lot of studio work with other artists, and getting ready for the next single, due out for the fall. Also writing a song with Tony Moran for my friend and sister Martha Wash. Speaking of Martha, she and I will be doing the White Party
together...yipppeeeeee....we'll do our show and we'll do the song "It's Raining Men" together. It's sooooo wonderful to be with my good friend whenever we're together.

Also priming up for the Headdress Ball in Orlando, The White Party in Palm springs, San Jose Pride, and let's not forget the P-House in Orlando..and Decadence in New Orleans. Get ready Mexico and Brazil......for a serious throwdown...

march 6, 2008


This has been a fierce two month in preparation for the video shoot, lots of sessions and all the travel gigs. I want to THANK all the fans, dj's, promoters, club owners and friends who have supported me thru the years. You have been faithful and that's why I work so hard to bring you the music. You are my back bone and I love you. Recently I did the Lead for the Red Cross theme with Oakland Interfaith Choir and San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom on the voice over. Watch out for the singing Dr Pepper cans and Straws. I'll be the voice of *she's a Pepper* and the singing straw. Also did the vocals for eHarmony and also the voice of a singing doll singing *Get this Party Started.*..... Whooo *


Well we had a wonderful two day shoot of the video with Production team of EVAN COWDEN (Bobdproduction), and PAUL BREWER (Sweet Feet Music). LEO FRAPPIA actually brought me Paul's attention for session work with Pepper Mache about a Year ago. And Paul got Evan and I together for this shoot. Well darling, the club was fierce , the extra's wore all white and I wore White, Red, and have to see it. I want to Thank XAVIER and JEREMY for the fierce dancing, JONATHAN for coming all the way from Houston to dance, DAVID for your magic touch behind the scenes, BRIAN PATRICK for the wonderful wonderful still photo's. All the wonderful extra's and my personal friends who looked so cute. (Matty,Michael,Eric and Mary). MARY BARKER for taking such good care of me backstage. I LOVE YOU ALL XXXXX. Thanks for making this a special day for me!!!!!

I'm coming, Palm Springs and Orlando!!!!!

Until next time, Peace and Love!!!

JANUARY 6, 2008

HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY FREAK*IN NE YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! And many thanx for all the wonderful support to all my fans and promoters, agents and to anyone else who has dug into their hearts to support my music. I love you all. A big kiss out to Narada *Michael* Walden for your love and support...your Xmas Party was a Pumpin Blast, the band was awesome with some of the best musicians in the bay area, Frank Martin on Keys, Troy Lampkins on Bass, the famous Booker T (from the mg's) on Organ,Wayne wallace holdin it down on trombone,Vernon*Ice* Black (Mariah Carey band) on guitar, and the King himself on drums, Narada. On backing vocals and lead, Sakai and Nikita Germaine sangin their faces off. An awesome night indeed. Those rich and not so famous folk of Marin partied their little rich asses off!!!. What was amazing to me was that most of them had never heard ChaCha heels before and lost their minds when we pumped it out. Cool!!!!

A huge Bear Hug to Gary Santis for the New years Eve Party in Miami with my Buddy djAbel behind the know Abel is outta his mind!!! He was playing his butt off!!! He always know how to tweak my sound for my show!!! I never worry when Abel is around. EVERYBODY UP will be out soon and I hope you all like it. ALTAR, Manny Lehman and Abel have been playing it on their sets and said the reception has been great.

Okay, it's time to get my self in gear.... Tommy Boy is releasing an EP on me this year...Yay for Victor Lee, thanks Victor. Also Abel's new cd should jump off this month with a preview of my new song on it.

May your Year be Plentiful, Peaceful, Wonderful and Fabulous!

December 18, 2007

Look out for the new single of Altar and Jeanie Tracy EVERYBODY UP on the TommyBoy label soon. Mixes by Manny Lehmann, Rosabel, Dchameleon, Midnight Society, DjAlex Cohen. Also look out for new merchandise ...Posters, and cd compilations soon right here. Also t-shirts later on.

December 10, 2007

Okay Kids...we're going to close this out with a bang!!!

This season has been sooo busy, haven't had time to breathe. The Angela Bofill Concert was offfffffffff the *freakin Chain*
OMGggggggggg!!!The beautiful Grace Cathedral was packed and every seat filled. There was at least 4,000 people there. Thank you Narada for selecting me to be Angela's voice for the evening. I sung ANGEL OF THE NIGHT and I TRY, two of her biggest hits....I had a 16 voice choir backup and six piece band. Bonnie Raitt , and my friend Carlos Santana, Bonnie Hayes and Mary wilson were there in awesome form. All the performers were indeed was a magical night. Angela was there and spoke and it was so heartwarming to hear her speak because the stroke that she suffered has left her limited in speech and movement. But I hope God blesses her to speak and sing again. I love my Angelita del Noche (Angel of the Night.) Angie and I did Narada's Xmas party every year for ten years.

Okay we're getting ready for the Narada Christmas Jam...which is going to be at the Marin Civic Center...I love the Holidayz because I can work at home and not fly around like crazy. I want to pay Tribute to my friend and producer Sonny Padilla (ESP) who passed away quietly in his home last week. Sonny is going to be missed greatly. I have a lot of memories of Sonny around my home and in my heart.

Want to send a shout out to my sister's Linda Clifford,Debbie Jacobs- Rock, and Martha Wash who did the show with me in Baltimore was a complet blast. We had such a marvelous time. Whooooooo..... Debbie thank you and your staff for a wonderful time and taking such excellent care of us. We love you and want to do it again!!!!! In NYC maybe next time.Thank you to the Hippo for a great night!!!! I love you Hippo!!

Alright Sao Paulo, Miami, New orleans, Puerto Vallarta, Orlando, London, DisneyWorld..... ..get ready!!!!

november 29, 2007

The big Limelight Gala was off the hook! Martha, Debbie, Linda and I tore the roof off Hippo Nightclub in Baltimore and helped to raise awareness and funds for Debbie's Foundation. For a review and video clips, click on the banner below darlings!

november 21, 2007

BIG Concert Announcement Everyone! Click on the picture below for more details on when, where and how to purchase tickets! Get your Cha Cha Heels on honey!

november 17, 2007

Narada Michael Walden Presents The Spirit at Grace Cathedral in Tribute to Singer & Songwriter Angela Bofill Carlos Santana and others perform in support of the jazz/pop/R&B songstress. Award-winning and platinum-selling music producer, musician, and songwriter Narada Michael Walden has rallied his colleagues and friends including Carlos Santana, to perform at Grace Cathedral in tribute to singer, songwriter and Bammy-award winnter Angela Bofill.

Other featured artists are R&B and dance hit singer Jeanie Tracy, Canadian singer Naomi Striemer, percussionist Karma Moffett, jazzman Troy Lampkins and vocalist Tina Malia. Angela Bofill had several dance hits in the 1970s and 80s, such as Angel of the Night and Too Tough, and has worked with Narada Michael Walden since her 1981 crossover recording Something About You.

Join Us... Saturday, December 8, 2007 at 8:30 pm
Reserved $50-$100
General Admission: $20 obstructed view

To purchase tickets, please visit

October 30, 2007

It's that time again to warm up to the fire and snuggle up to the one you love.........and listen to great music. Please sweeties, support music and the artist out there giving their hearts to you. Big Ups to my good friend Debbie Jacobs for her total commitment to the Baltimore Community with her Light Health and Wellness Clinic...providing HIV Education and testing for Women and Children. Martha Wash, Debbie, Linda Clifford, Myself and DJ Abel will be performing at her Limelight Gala November 8th at the world famed Hippo club and Bar. Thank You LA for your support at my last show....Kevin thanks for your love. John, you and your staff are lovely. Thanks DJ Irene for coming out.

Altar and I are about to drop the next Jeanie Bomb.......called EVERYBODY UP...the remixes are bout to go down by world famous dj's ROSABEL, MANNY LEHMAN, DJ ALEXX, and more ................We gonna set this Mother Off, Everybody Go up!!!! Simone Denny is about to drop her next song in which I co-wrote. It is the Bommmb!!!! Cause my girl Monie is off the Parcheesey anyway. Love that girl. Next week I'll be doing a documentary film about a record store in Mill Valley that just recently closed after FORTY years in existence. Many big celebs passed thru it's doors, like Otis Redding, BB King, Maria Muldaur, Bonnie Raitt and countless others. With the exception of Otis Redding, those celebs I mentioned will be in interviewed. My part will be in the end - closing the doors and ending the film with an accapella version of DREAMS TO REMEMBER by Otis Redding. Narada Michael Walden will be doing the big Benefit for my good friend and sister Angela Bofill to be held at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco along with Carlos Santana. Angi was struck down with a stroke two years ago and then another one recently, please keep Angie in your continued prayers.

I have many wonderful things about to jump off but have to keep them under wrapps right now ....dont wanna jinx them. You kids out there keep living life to the fullest keep your heads to the light. Until next time....

Peace and Love

October 16, 2007

Hello all my friends and fans..... Sorry it has taken so long in writing to you. As you know I headlined at the show in Biloxi, with a cast of four wonderful actors in the show called I WRITE THE SONGS. I had a wonderful time rehearsing for the show and getting to know the people involved in the show. Unfortunately our stay was shortened by friction between the Producers and the Casino which is unfortunate because everyone had bonded so well and we all enjoyed doing the show. Hopefully we all can work together again. Thank you all the wonderful events and clubs that have received me Disney World Orlando...thank you Johnny Chisolm for your years of loyalty in hiring me at all your clubs and events year after year. It was great to have dinner and hang out with you in my room this year in NOLA. And yes I'm coming to Pensacola to see stay in you condo when I get a moment.......Gary(Coliseum) you Rock Always....Connecticut...OMG you guys are truly the Mess!!! Thank you for all your love, Great food and fun. To New Orleans and the cast of thousands.............I'm still stoked about the show...Deb Cox laid it down and you fans gave me so much Love I can't breathe. One fan wrote and said to me that through the rain, mike problems and all...the angels landed on my stage. Chuck and Kirk you all take such good care of your artist. Thank you. Fort Myers, I wanna come back, you are truly the Bomb.

Now Los Angeles ...Get Ready Baltimore. We're' comin for you and Ms Debbie Jacobs, Martha Wash and I, Linda Clifford and DJAbel..... are going to come for ya in a Big Way. I can't wait to do this show...... Narada thank you for doing the benefit Show for the Divine Angela Bofill who was struck down twice by a stroke. I will be doing the show along with Carlos who is on board for the event. Also am doing the Narada Michael Walden Christmas show that I do almost every year and sometimes with Angie Bofill. Narada called Angie and I his Diva's. Say a prayer for Narada...his beloved Guru passed away and he was very sad at the session. I love Narada. Narada thanked Claytoven, myself and Nikita Germaine for doing all the sessions and told us how grateful he was to us for our work... ...fifty six hit record sessions. I started with Narada when
it was just Vicki Randal (of the tonite Show and Jim Gilstrap(Stevie Wonder Backings)and myself at the Automat Studio. Okay kids.....signing off for now..... Watch for the new single with Altar that's about to jump off in a hot minute. We're about to blast off...hope you like it....

May 20, 2007

Hola Sweeties...
Just wanna send a shout out to all my Brazilian Babies for their Love and Fantastic reception on my first trip to Brazil. RIO ROCKS!!! Many thanks to Teo, George D, Laercio, and my Altar Boys for getting me there. I had VIP service from the moment I stepped off the plane. Teo YOU ARE THE BOMB. Thank you for making me so welcome. Your party was a massive hit with 7,000 in attendance in which I was told that 4,000 was expected. Your stage setting of the Taj Mahal, the huge elephants, the Huge Buddah was amazing. I loved the food uhmmmmph!!!! You are a Sweet Teddi Bear with such a big gentle heart. I will see you in Orlando. To my Altar Boys you are just as I imagined.... two wonderful, talented with BIG HEARTS AND SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! Macau you and VMC turned it out. George, you are the simply OFF THE CHAIN...took such great care that everything was in order for me.....I didn't have to do anything but sing. That's true professionalism, thank you for going with me. We had a BLAST!!! You helped make it even more special. You're my International Connection.....Let's do it again. Orlando Disney, get ready fa me....whooooooooo!!! Biloxi, I'm comin for ya!!!! I'll be staring in the Musical Celebration of Barry Manilow's music, called I WRITE THE SONGS. Produced by Gary Waldman and Jamison Troutman.

So if you're near the area or wherever.....COME AND SEE THE SHOW!! I've been a fan of Barry Manilow's music for years and I'm stoked about doing this show. There are four other wonderful vocalist in the show and it's going to be GREAT. Ticket's are on sale now! Call 1-800-595-4849. Imperial Palace Casino, Resort and Spa - Click here to see the ad.

Until next time, keep it real!

May 8, 2007

Hola my Brazilian Babies!!!!! Altar my Sweeties ...I will see you in two days ...I cannot wait to finally see your beautiful faces. Altar has tried constantly to get me there with them and finally with the help of George Dellinger it happened. Teo, I'm comin for ya, thank you for your professionalism in getting me there. Thank you to all the dj's all over the world and my fans that have played my music...I LOVE YOU ALL. You mean the world to me. You have kept me in the business for so long by playing my music and having the promoters and owners to get me there to perform. I am so grateful for your never ending love. You NEVER played into the nonsense that only the young survive and the Mature are I will still be continually make music for you. To Narada M. Walden, I love deserve the honors that was bestowed on you at the Grammy foundation honors dinner, along with Sammy Hagar and the wonderful Linda perry. I hope that we did your songs justice in the musical tribute we did for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I will be at your james Bond heme party and singing GOLDFINGAHHH in my Gold leather outfit...Here's to You Narada!!!! Lisa Fisher you are the BOMB girl...I enjoyed our few hours together at sound check, you are a righteous down to earth girl and crazyee too. And you sang your face off gurl......whooooo!!!! Randy Jackson (American idol) Boy ya shoulda been there, but I know you're busy w/the Idol show. Hit a sister up some time. Vicki Randal (Tonight Show) Girl it was so great to hear you sing and remember back when we were Narada's first back-up singers. To my friend Ernestsonny Padilla, Producer of the the duet w/Larry Batiste, you amaze me with your tenacity and strength, you never stop reaching.

So to everyone out there in the world and MusicLand keep movin and dancing!!! Shine your Light Babies!!!!

May 5, 2007

A newsflash from Jeanie has just come in and let us tell you, she is one busy, busy lady!

Jeanie will be appearing at the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation's 11th Anniversary Gala tonight! For more information, visit the SDHDF website by clicking here! On September 1st, she'll be making appearing for the second year in a row at the Bourbon Street Extravaganza.

Brazil, get ready... Jeanie will be there next week! Get more details here.

Jeanie will be appearing from June 8th - July 22nd in the "I Write The Songs" tribute to Barry Manilow at the IP Casino and Resort. For tickets, click here.

April 7, 2007

Hola my People....

Just got back from ChiTown with the Boys ......Rosabel(Ralphi and Abel). I am very excited about the new music with them. What started out to be a couple of songs now turns out to be a possible album CD....We had a fabulous time together in the studio, dancing around to the music inserting bits and pieces and eating at great restaurants in Chicago. It was so wonderful...I think this is going to be a wonderful year for us. The first single is going to be Oooh LaLa La (Make your Move). We have lots to do. I adore them and we have lots of plans for shows and the whole bit. So STAY STRONG and STAY IN THE LIGHT...spread Love around and it comes back to ya in a BIG way. Orlando Disney....wait for me Babies, I'm comin!!!!! Hartford...yea!!!!.....Mexico...Azucar!!!!! Miami.....BiLarrrrr!!!!!New Orleans....Ummmmph!!!!! Parliament(Ms
Darcel) Yeah Girrrrrrrrl!!!!!San Diego.....Go Crazy!!!!!! Baltimore (Ms Debbie)we're gonna Rock, no pun!!!!!

Get Ready Brazil.....we're coming for Ya!!! Los Manos Arriba!!!!Party

People Get Ready for J-Tray!!!!!

March 14, 2007

Hola My People,
Just wanna send a shout out to Mobil, Alabama...YOU ROCK!!! To jerry and the Gang, Thank you for a wonderful time and for the great food. To Dade City....WoW!!!! You all know how to throw it all the way down. DJ went beyond the limits of taking care of a gurl. Thanks for the personal touch from you. Both Mobil and Dade City came to Party Hard.

Well Sao Paulo, Brazil....I'm coming!!!! I'm excited and Stoked about coming there to see you. My Altar Boys will be on the show with me as well as Deborah Cox, Suzanne Palmer, Maya ,Dj Tony Moran, Dj Offer Nissam from TelAviv. Whooooo what a line up...this event boasts of 20-30,000 people at STOHL ARENA.....YAY, I'm there. I've already commissioned my costumer, Linda Stokes of Los Angeles to make me something that will POP wen I walk out on stage, I won't even have to sing ..the outfit will sing for me....lolol. Linda costumes Chaka Kahn, Patty LaBelle,Martha Wash, Monique, Smoky Robinson, and many others. Linda is the BOMB, has been dressing me for years now. Go Linda!!!!

My sister Simone(monie)Denney is doing a song RISE UP that she and I penned together. Big ups my got it going on. That's it for now.......Off to Chicago to work with Abel and Ralphi (Rosabel). Look for new product soon!!!

February 7, 2007

Hola my People,
Just been so busy getting things under way for the new R&B, Jazz and Gospel Project I'm working on. Will be Mobil next and then off to Connecticut, and to Dade, Florida, Palm Springs, San Diego and then to stay tuned. I would love to thank all of my friends and Fans for making PARTY PEOPLE # Number One on the Bill Board Chart. We just signed a License deal in Brazil with Building Records to do another single with them and they are going to promote PARTY PEOPLE all over Brazil. I would like to Thank Bobby Shaw once again for doing such a terrific job on promoting the record and to my awesome friend Frank Abraham for getting in the trenches with me to help out. To Paul Harvey again thank you. And to all of you dj's that have supported my music always and for such a long time I love you all so much.

Simone Denney and I are co-writing a song together for the Uk called (Rise Up) that will be out very soon. Monie is my good friend, awesome person and singer. Also news is my brother Larry Batiste and I have a song on the Billboard dance chart entering the Breakout at #4...produced by long time friend Ernest Sonny Padilla and Me Uno Productions.

I have been asked to go to France to do a Sylvester project with French producers...many people have asked me to do covers of Sylvesters music. So maybe it is time. It was also the late Weathergirl, Izora Armstead's wishes for Martha Wash, myself and her to do a Syl's Girls reunion. It never happened before Zora went to heaven, but Martha and I have done shows together and you all know how I feel about Ms Martha. We even did a Sylvester Tribute year before last. That was sooo much fun!!!

So kids if you don't hear from me right away, I am tucked away some where writing songs for all my projects and other Artists.

Love You!!!!

January 9, 2007

Happy New year everyone! Sorry that it has taken so long to give you the news, but I have been extremely busy doing all kinds of things. First, I'd like to thank Chris Harris and his staff for taking such wonderful care of me in Providence, Rhode Island. I had so much fun with Chris, Greg, and Mike and Scott at the radio station... thank you Mike (my Limo) driver for the beautiful rose and your kindness. Ms Dena, the DJ, rocked the house big time... Ms. Thing is off the chain!!!! The house was packed and a line around the corner... whooooooo!!!! The children gave it up!!!! They partied the New Year in!!!! Las Vegas you Rock Babies... yawl know how to pump it up!!! You know how to treat a girlllllll - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!! Now listen, Parliament House you did it again! You always do it up for me but this time you really outdid yourselves. The new Condos are to die for. Ms Darcell, thank you for the great shopping and lunch and just hooking a gurl upppppp!!!! My time with you is always special...we go a long way back. Thank you my fans for your long time support of my music. Am doing things with Rosabel and Altar. Also getting ready for the Angela Bofill Benefit with Narada Michael Walden.

Getting ready to go to Brazil to do the video with Altar for PARTY PEOPLE. The Boys just scored a deal in Brazil...You go Macau and VMC. You deserve're such nice guys. All thanks to FRANK ABRAHAM and PAUL HARVEY for their help in this record. It does take a Village. Frank you're such a Great friend .......Thank You!!!

HBO want to relicense POWER for Sex and the City, Entourage, and the Sopranos. Yea!!!!! Everyone keep the Faith and have a safe and Happy Year!!!!!!! Love you!!!!